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Our Latest Projects

NetTRACK E-Beam iPad app & remote interface software for Evaporator CHA50

NetTRACK E-Beam iPad app!! Free iPad app!!! This video demonstrates system operator is using NetTRACK App on iPad console to operate the E-Beam Evaporator system. NetTRACK app is seamlessly acting as a remote console and spare user interface. NetTRACK app software exactly duplicates the running software of system operator touch screen. NetTRACK iPad app allows user to access the system and wirelessly control the operation at any location, anywhere, around the world.

Sept 25, 2012

NetTRACK iPhone (iPad, Android) Remote SVG88 System Manager Software

NetTRACK System Manager and SVG88 track controller firmware runs on iPhone, iPad, Android mobile devices. NetTRACK has developed SVG88 (SVG 86) system firmware. NetTRACK upgrades SVG88/SVG86 to advanced software and state of the art. SVG system can be operated on Touch Screen with NetTRACK System Manager, software is capable to control with iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices. NetTRACK also make SVG system to be SECS/GEM compliance.

Sept 25, 2012